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Company Movie

Company Introduction Movie

We would like to introduce a brief overview of Rexxam which is "a group full of curiosity about development" with a unique short movie.

The movie is set in present-day Kagawa in the midst of Setouchi Triennale.
This story starts from the scene that the science woman, Princess Kaguya who was born from bamboo sets foot on the "Dream of Olive" (made by bamboo) which is the Rexxam-sponsored artwork of Setouchi Triennale.

Finally, very enjoyable company movie which you will feel that what is going to happen next!? has completed.

The leading performer is Ms. Akiko Kinouchi who performs as a professional actress and singer (deputy governor of Udon Noodle Prefecture).
Please watch her wonderful performance with quadruple role.

TV Commercial

This is Rexxam's TV commercial.
Very unique characters come into the commercial in rhythm to "tarararara♪tarararara♪" which lingers in your ears.

This TV commercial is also very popular with kids.
Please enjoy this commercial.

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