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Action Plan

General Employer Action Plan

Develope the action plans as follows so that all of our employees can exploit their abilities to the full by providing a great working environment which they can balance work with childcare.

1.Plan Period

Two years from April 1,2019 to March 31,2021

2.Plan Details

Goal 1:
The ratio of taking childcare leave will be as stated below during the plan period.
The ratio of female employees taking childcare leave will be more than 70%.

Approach to Achieving Goal(From Apr.2019)

  1. Provide necessary information to the employees on childcare leave and support them to return to work smoothly after childcare leave. In addition, provide direction to the management level employees that a supervisor preliminarily consults with the empolyee on childcare leave before she comes back to work based on the work prior to childcare leave to prevent her from bearing mental and physical burdens.
  2. Review the system of childcare leave to make it easier to use.
Goal 2:
Enhance overtime patrols to reduce overtime working hours.

Approach to Achieving Goal:

  1. Enhance overtime patrols.
  2. Put the No Overtime Day plan into practice.
Goal 3:
Create an environment and establish the system to obtain the understanding and cooperation of the employees about child-rearing by raising their awareness of it at work during the plan period.
(Make an environment that a team leader approves willingly when a female employee applies for a childcare system in our company.)

Approach to Achieving Goal:

  1. Inform and make an announcement at managers meetings.
  2. Establish a consultation desk at the personnel management department.

Action plan based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Develope the action plans as follows to create a working environment where female employees can exploit their abilities to the full at their desire.

1.Plan Period

From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021

2.Our Challenge

There are less females in the engineering departments than others and personnel assignment is unbalanced.

3.Goals and Effort

Goal: Increase the number of female employees working in the engineering departments from 34 to 50.


  1. Grasp the issues and find the solutions in relocating female employees to the engineering departments to increase the number of female employees in their departments.
  2. Introduce our workplace actively when females apply for our employment to increase female applicants to the engineering departments.
  3. After assigning them to the engineering departments, especially the management level employees get actively involved in the actions to establish a working environment in consideration of working hours and childcare in cooperation with the Administration Department.

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