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Action Plan

General Employer Action Plan

Develope the action plans as follows so that all of our employees can exploit their abilities to the full by providing a great working environment which they can balance work with childcare.

1.Plan Period

Two years from April 1,2023 to March 31,2025

2.Goals and efforts

Goal 1:
The ratio of taking childcare leave will be as stated below during the plan period.
Target Level : Maintain 100% of the female employees and increase by 10% of the male employees taking child care leave.


  1. Provide the necessary information to the employees on the childcare leave and support them to return to work smoothly after the leave. In addition, provide the direction to the management level employees to talk to the supervisor of the employee on the leave so that he/she is able to come back to work based on the work prior to the leave without mental and physical stress.
  2. Review the system of the childcare leave to make it easier for the employees to use.
Goal 2:
Reduce work-time by managing the overtime hours of each employee during the plan period.
Target Level : Reduce a monthly average by 1 hour per employee.


  1. The management-level employees inform their subordinates about their working hours and encourage them to reduce it systematically.
  2. Put the No Overtime Day plan into practice.
Goal 3:
Support the employees to participate in the educational trainings aimed at cultivating them.
Target Level : Increase participation of the female employees by 5%.


  1. Provide the information about the distance learning courses twice a year.
  2. Manage the participation status in the human resources department.

General Employers Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Develop the action plans as follows to create a working environment where the female employees can perform at their full potential at their desire.

1.Plan Period

From April 1 , 2021 to March 31 , 2026

2.Goals and Efforts

Goal 1:
Increase the number of female employees in the section chief class by 5%


  1. Consider the job categories that the female employees can participate actively.
  2. The management-level employees actively involve in arranging the working environment of their female subordinates such as working hours and childcare even after they get promoted.
Goal 2:
Increase the rate of taking annual paid leave by 5%


  1. The management-level employees perceive the rate of taking annual paid leave of their female subordinates and encourage them to take it.
  2. Improve the environment of taking the annual paid leave by complying with the mandatory paid leave of at least 5 days a year and introducing hourly paid leave.

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