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Auto Ref-Keratometer / Refractometer

Auto Ref-Keratometer K-900 & Auto Refractometer R-800 offer accurate and reliable objective measurement results. This classic, compact, ergonomic design ensures easy and comfortable operation to eye-care professionals in their daily practices.

Product Features

Monitor - Flexible Vertical-Horizontal Tilt Angle

Monitor 30° left-horizontal tilt allows the user to measure whilst supporting the patient. The 40° vertical tilt enables the user to operate comfortably at standing or sitting positions.

IOL Mode (Colour focus indicator)

Intraocular Lens (IOL) mode allows the possibility to measure eye with implanted Intraocular lens. The Red/Green focus indicator makes alignment easy, especially where irregular reflection occurs with some implanted IOL’s.

Compatibility & Connectivity

K-900/R-800 can communicate with DR-900 Digital Refractor, where REF data can be exported to DR-900 automatically or manually. By one touch on the [Set] button on DR-900 touchscreen panel, objective data is instantly sent to the refractor head.

DR-900 ACCUREF K-900/R-800 LCD-1000/1000P CP-500 RET-700 DL-1000/900/800


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