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Auto Ref-Topographer

Multi functional all in one

Auto Ref-Topographer RET-700 combines all the necessary features for anterior eye examination in just one device. RET-700 is not only a Topographer but Auto Refract Keratometer, Wavefront, Dry eye analysis (optional) and Meibomian glands analysis as well.

Product Features

19 ring Placido cone

19 concentric circle ring patterns Placido dome concept 6.200 measurement points working distance 77,5 mm(easy to access patients eye during meibomian gland acquisition). 10.7 mm corneal coverage by radius of 8.00mm and central fixation. Minimum pupil size Φ 2.0 mm.

A variety of analysis function

Full colour Topography map, in Tangential, Axial, refractive and 3D scale.
All available map scales on just one overview
Corneal aberration maps

Data base

RET-700 offers an integrated patient database which stores multiple patient exams.

Compatibility & Connectivity

RET-700 can communicate with DR-900 Digital Refractor, where REF data can be exported to DR-900 automatically or manually. By one touch on the [Set] button on DR-900 touchscreen panel, objective data is instantly sent to the refractor head.

DR-900 ACCUREF K-900/R-800 LCD-1000/1000P CP-500 RET-700 DL-1000/900/800

Voice of the engineer

With the advancements in Refractive Surgery procedures and the use of special contact lenses (for example in Orthokeratology, etc.), it is important for eye care professionals to have proper planning and preparation for the procedures. We designed the RET-700 Auto Ref-Keratometer & Topographer, with the aim to improve the workflow of the eye care professionals.
In order to widen the measurement range (lateral coverage) of the Topographer, we created a Dome-shape design with improved coating and each ring size is precisely cut. This accomplishment is achieved with much experiment and testing.
In principle, there is a trade-off in the optical range between Refractometer and Topographer. We integrated inner measurement rings in the optical system and thereby, were able to achieve full range Topographer without compromising the Refractometer.
Rexxam has long years of experience in large-scale manufacturing to produce not only optical components but also electrical & electronic components, etc. Our expertise ensures the best quality and durability of our product.

I hope the RET-700 will contribute to your daily practices in providing better vision care quality to your patients.

Research & Development Dept.


Rexxam Co.,Ltd.

Eye-care Instruments Sales Dept. Tokyo Office

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