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LED Slit Lamp RS Series

Slit lamp RS series have high quality optics with versatile functionalities and are easy to use. The series consists of three models: RS-5000, RS-500 and RS-300. RS-5000 is the high illumination tower model, while RS-500 is the low illumination compact model with 5 step magnifications. RS-300 is the primary model with three step magnifications yet with similar level of high performance and features. The optics of RS-5000/RS-500/RS-300 are bright and wide with an optimum convergence angle*(12 degrees). Drastic improvements were applied to the device in order to achieve comfortable and smooth operation by newly designed joystick and ergonomic base design that ensures solid movement to the various desired positions. The newly designed main and background illumination control dials are designed to be easily and intuitively used with one hand. From the wide range of LEDs, we have chosen the LED which is closest to the conventional halogen light colour temperature. *convergence angle is for RS-5000/500 only

Product Features

LED light source

  • Similar colour temperature as Halogen
  • Consistent colour temperature at any illumination level
  • Low temperature of LED prevents tear film from vaporising
  • Cost and energy saving (Long life span and lower energy level)

Integrated Yellow filter

The yellow filter is built in as standard, which in combination with the cobalt-blue filter, assures an excellent high contrast examination of the anterior surface.
(RS-5000/500 only)

RS-5000/500/300 Specifications overview

  RS-5000 RS-500 RS-300
Magnifications 5 maginifications 5 maginifications 3 magnifications
DCS-700 compatibility Yes Yes No
Yellow filter (Observation) Yes Yes No
Background illumination Yes Optional No


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