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LED Chart Projector

Chart Projector CP-500 is a highly versatile LED chart projector that ensures bright and homogeneous test chart projection. You can select from A-Chart (Decimal Type) or B-Chart (Snellen Type).
Projection distance ranges between 2m to 7m.

Product Features

50 charts with various masks

You can choose from Type-A Chart (Decimal) or Type-B Chart (Snellen). Each type offers 50 charts with various masks. Essential charts such as Landolt, Snellen, Letter and Children are available with horizontal and vertical line masks, as well as a single letter mask. Additionally, various Balance Test Charts and Binocular Vision Test Charts such as Stereo, Coincidence (H/V) and Schober.

Fast & Silent chart disk rotation

Fast and smooth rotation of chart disks.

User programs

Customise up to 2 programmable chart sequences based on user's preferences.
Each program can store up to a maximum of 50 charts or masks.

Compatibility & Connectivity

CP-500 can be connected to DR-900 Digital Refractor, and the chart can be operated with DR900 controller.

DR-900 ACCUREF K-900/R-800 LCD-1000/1000P CP-500 RET-700 DL-1000/900/800


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