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Digital PD meter

Measuring accurate PD (Pupil Distance) is essential for various ocular conditions. Digital PD meter PD-82II makes it easier and consistently accurate. The LED light source provides clear recognition for the patients whilst guaranteeing a longer battery life. A lever ensures smooth operation.

Product Features

  • “Cornea reflection light coincidence method”, aligning corneal reflection on the pupils with the measuring line.
  • Monofocal and Bifocal measurements.
  • Digitally displayed result. Three possibilities of measurements: Right only, Left Only and Right & Left together.
  • Measurement in 0.5mm steps.
  • PD measurement of patients’ focusing point distances ranging from 30cm to infinity.
  • Distance measurement between cornea surface to the front surface of spectacle lens.
  • Automatic power save mode after one minute.


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