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Specular Microscope

Flexible, Easy, Fast and Informative

Specular Microscopy is one important tool to evaluate corneal endothelium.
Specular Microscope SPM-700 is one device to assist eye-care professionals in their diagnostic and investigation of a patient’s cornea health condition.
One touch operation captures 16 images in one measurement, including Central Corneal Thickness (CCT).

Product Features

Easy, Fast & Comfortable

One touch on panel to start auto alignment
One shopt consists 16 images in 0.75 sec.
Analysis result

Flexible setup and operation

Large 10.4 inch touch panel LCD. 40°verstical and 180°horizontal tilting enables flexible setup and operation.

Multiple measurement fixation points

There are 17 fixation points that includes central position, paracentral and peripheral angles.
Central : 1
Paracentral : 6
Peripheral : 10

Voice of the engineer

Accurate corneal endothelial cell analysis requires high-quality microscopic cell images.
The image acquisition should be made easy and able to capture even when the eye moves slightly.
These high expectations required numerous studies, research, and development.
We have finally designed SPM-700 after overcoming many challenges.
SPM-700 is able to capture 16 high-quality images in just 0.75 seconds by one touch on the monitor screen.
The highest quality image is then automatically selected and analyzed.
To perform image acquisition, the examiner simply touches the center of the patient's pupil image on the monitor touch-screen.
A wide range of images is captured instantly to precisely and speedily zoom onto the image capture focus position.
Our advanced optical measurement system coupled with the complex image processing algorithm have enable SPM-700 to precisely measures and analyses the endothelial cells and displayed the cell number, size, shape, central corneal thickness, etc.
This achievement is made possible by the collaboration between the optical development team and the software development team who worked tirelessly to create Rexxam's own unique image processing algorithm that offers accurate and diverse analysis.
I hope SPM-700 will contribute to your daily practices in providing better vision care quality to your patients.

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