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Refractor BR-7 is a versatile phoropter with a full set of unctions that allow the operator to perform all refraction tests including the standardised 21 step subjective refraction. BR-7 offers measurement dials with smooth rotation. The superb quality of the multi-coated optics* ensures clear vision to the patients. *Non-coated model is also available

Product Features

Smooth and positive dial movements

Refractors are one of the most basic and heavily used refraction devices in eye care practices. The smooth movement and rotation of the various dials offer you comfort and stress-free manipulation.

Cross Cylinder Axis synchronisation

The Cross Cylinder and the Cylinder axis are synchronised during the examination. This feature ensures accurate and smooth refraction test.

Wide range of Auxiliary lenses

BR-7 is equipped with a wide range of auxiliary lenses such as Red/Green filters, Spherical step size of 0.12 diopters which support binocular vison examinations.


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