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Digital Lensmeter DL Series

Rexxam proudly introduced the compact and ergonomic Digital Lensmeter series DL-1000/900/800 with refined quality and high accuracy. A full colour flat screen monitor with excellent visibility.
This compact and stylish design compliments any practice. DL-900 accomodates a printer, whilst the top model DL-1000 includes UV transmittance measurement and pupillary distance measurement.

Product Features

Green LED Light

The DL-series support light wavelength of both d-line and e-line. The use of Green LED measurement beam gives precise measurement values of lenses with various refractive indices without the need for ABBE value compensation.

Wide visual field angle and tilt screen

The wide visual field and 60 degree tilt screen enables the user to operate comfortably in sitting or standing position.

DL-1000/900/800 Specifications overview

  DL-1000 DL-900 DL-800
UV Transmittance
Yes No No
Pupillary Distance
Yes No No
Printer Yes Yes No

Compatibility & Connectivity

DL-1000/900/800 can communicate with DR-900 Digital Refractor, where data can be exported to DR-900 automatically or manually. By one touch on the [Set] button on DR-900 touchscreen panel, objective data is instantly sent to the refractor head.

DR-900 ACCUREF K-900/R-800 LCD-1000/1000P CP-500 RET-700 DL-1000/900/800


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