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LED Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp SL-203 and SL-102 with LED illumination and high quality optics gives clear and sharp binocular viewing. Its versatile and ergonomic design enable the user to operate the Slit Lamp effortlessly.

Product Features

SL-203 Reliability for every day work

Slit Lamp microscope is one of the essential devices used by every eye care specialist and practitioner in their daily practices.
SL-203 – Galilean telescope system with 5x rotating drum magnification (6.4x/10x/16x/25x/40x) coupled with parallel-optics binocular unit with 15x wide-field dioptric adjustable (±7D) eyepieces.
The superb optical quality coupled with robust mechanical design makes SL-203 a reliable product that will last for years.

SL-102 Redefinition of basic

SL-102 is of the Greenough type with a converging optic system of 13,5°providing excellent stereoscopic observation, a magnification of 10x and 16x using the 10x eye-piece, or a magnification of 16x and 25,6x using the 16x eye-piece. Both 10x and 16x wide-field eye-pieces are standard accessories of SL-102 and both comes with 8 diopteradjustment possibility.

SL-203/102 Specifications overview

  SL-203 SL-102
Type of microscope Galileo type Greenough type
Magnifications 5 maginifications 2 maginifications
Coversion Parallel 13.5°


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