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Local Beer in SANUKI

Genuine German beer flavor, optimized for Japan.

The Sanuki Draft Beer assures the true pleasure of the German beer in Japan. With the unique technique of the braumeister, the Sanuki Draft Beer is brewed in our own brewery.

Sanuki Draft Beer

Sanuki Draft Beer

Sanuki Draft Beer, Kūkai 空海, Chichi Kaeru 父帰ル


・Kölsch ・Super Alt ・Kūkai 空海 ・Chichi Kaeru 父帰ル ・Beer Gelato

Sanuki Specialty

Kūkai 空海, Chichi Kaeru 父帰ル

Sanuki Draft Beer 350ml

Beer Gelato


  • Kölsch
    Clear and bright flavor of the malts and hops.
  • Super Alt
    Traditional German beer with rich caramel malts and roasted malts taste.
  • Kūkai 空海
    Fruity aroma with sourish and sweetish flavor.
  • Chichi Kaeru 父帰ル
    Clean yet full body taste derived from the caramel malts and roasted malts.

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