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Ultra-precision Machining Products

You can count on us to make products with a size less than a match stick head.
We can finish in micron (μ) accuracy.
We consistently produce the products to pressed mass production from the mold design. We will deliver your desired product (parts) only by providing us your drawing of the finished product (part).

Finished with a tolerance of micron order!

Ultra-precision Machining Products

Strong points and Processing Method of Product

1.Precision Drawing Process

Drawing process on oblique shaped and variant formed etc. products

Precision Drawing Process

2.Fine blanking and bending (Precision ultra-thin punching)

Proposal to Pressing from Etching

Very thin and very high viscosity material
→Conventionally, photo etching is adopted.
 …Very poor yield due to inconstant variation among products


Advantage of Pressing

  • Cost reduction by 40%
  • Minimal variations in shape
  • Improvement of yield in the post-process

Slit width: 0.15mm Thickness: 0.04mm

Slit width: 0.15mm Thickness: 0.04mm

Size; 9.5x7.5x t0.04, Material; Tough pitch copper


Improvement of productivity and cost reduction by changing to "pressing" from cutting

Case of Coining

Case of Coining

4.Side Cutting

Process side cuttings at the same time in the same mold

Case of Precision Side Cut Product

Case of Precision Side Cut Product

Even performing ultimate side-punching process, the drawn shape does not change.

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