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CLASPER (Lashing belt for automobile transport)

The CLASPER is an automobile lashing tool designed for a reliable and safe overseas transportation.

Main Products of This Field

  • C-500M, C-600 etc. (for a passenger vehicle)
  • HCC-16, C-2500 etc. (for a freight vehicle/heavy machinery)



  1. Tough against rough weather
  2. Lightweight construction with one-touch tightening structure
  3. Wide variety of usages are available
  4. High-strength nylon coating minimizes the product damage
  • Proven safety and quality; We provide an accident-free automobile transportation with the CLASPER for more than 18 million units over the 40 years of its production. (As of 2015)



In a vehicle carrier vessel, each automobile is put in a place that has barely 10 cm on each side for the maximum transport efficiency.
The CLASPER achieves reliable, safe, and easy lashing to prevent automobiles from being damaged as a result of contacting each other due to swings in the bad weather.
Over the 40 years, the accident-free performance of the CLASPER in a tough environment proves its capability.

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