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CLASPER (Lashing belt for automobile transport)

This product is used to secure and fasten various types of vehicles such as passenger vehicles, trucks, and heavy machinery for "safe and secure" transportation by sea, both domestically and internationally.

Product Lineup

〈For Passenger Vehicles〉・Rupture strength 2t, 2.4t/〈For Heavy Vehicles〉・Rupture Strength 6t-16t

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Model Entire Length(m) Belt width (mm) Weight(kg)
① 2t clasper  C-500LGB 1.35 28 0.63
② 2.4t clasper C-600L 1.35 30 0.65
③ 6t clasper  C-1500A 2.0 47 2.70

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Secenery of car carrier lashing clasper


  1. Firmly secured against save swaying
    • It can be used repeatedly with resistance to bad weather and salt water.
  2. Lightweight, easy, speedy
    • One-touch lever is adopted to reduce working time.
  3. Extensive lineup
    • A wide range of products are available for various types of vehicles.
  • ※Since its launch in 1976, a total of 19 million units (as of the end of 2022) have been sold, providing safety and secure with no accidents!

Scenes of use

The distance between the vehicles on board is only about 10 cm!
Safe and secure" vehicle fixation is realized to prevent the vehicles from being damaged in contact each other due to wave swaying in inclement weather.
No accidents since its sales started.

(Initial sales data/photo taken in 1978)

How to use

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