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Yeast (Feed Additive)

Our innovative products of feed additive to encourage the healthy development of the livestock and aquaculture industries from the "Kingdom of Animals and Plants" - Yunnan, China

Product Lineup

Selenium-enriched Yeast for Animal

Inert yeast products after allowing selenium to enter yeast


Enhance the absorption of selenium in animals' body by allowing the selenium which is the essential element to animals to enter the yeast cells as organoselenium.


Improvement of antioxidants, anti-stress and immunity.
Improvement of fertility and growth promotion of the ivestock animals.
Quality improvement of the livestock products (meat, eggs and milk).


25kg Craft Bag

Ingredients List

Ingredients list of Selenium-enriched Yeast for nimal Feed

飼料用酵母セレン(SQ2000) 飼料用酵母セレン(SQ2000)

Yeast hydrolysate for Animal Feed

Cultivate the yeasts in high volume by using molasses (※1).
The yeasts are processed into feed by drying after hydrolysis.

※1 Molasses・・・the residue of the sugar canes after expressing sugar.
(substance causing environmental destruction)


Very rich in nucleic acid, amino-acid and polysaccharides, and used as a feed additive of livestock such as livestock animals and cultured fishes.


Improvement of immunity and stimulation of appetite due to nutrition and seasoning.


25kg PP Bag

Ingredients List

Ingredients List of Yeast Hydrolysate Products for Animal Feed

飼料用酵母加水分解物(MA50 NA20) 飼料用酵母加水分解物(MA50 NA20)

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