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Flow Channel SPR System Bio-REX SPR300FBio-REX SPR300F

Flow Channel SPR System Bio-REX SPR300F

This is the research and analytical system which can calculate the bind reaction velocity of various biological molecules by using surface plasmon resonance.

Main Use

  • Research of antigen antibody reaction
  • Drug screening
  • Research of binding properties of receptor and ligand

Measurement Principle

Measurement principle

When light is totally reflected on the surface of vacuum‐deposited gold films, incident light of resonance angle is absorbed by surface plasmon resonance (SPR), then dark line is generated in the reflection light.

By monitoring the subtle changes of dark light, the binding and dissociating states of the molecules on the gold film can be detected in real time.


  • Software for calculating each binding rate constant is included as a standard. The speed of binding and dissociation reaction can be calculated by each rate constant.

Reaction with quick binding and dissociation / Reaction with slow binding and dissociation

  • Minute amounts of sample liquid (more than 30ul) also can be detected by adopting parallel microfluidic SPR-system.

Parallel microflubic SPR-system / Injection of minute amounts of sample liqued in device


*Please see the table by scrolling horizontally.

Temperature control range in system 20 to 37℃
Number of measurement channels Parallel 2 channels (differential sensor system)
Base line noise Less than ±2 RU (at the time of the 60 seconds measurement)
Minimum sample capacity 30μL
Device control type Control with an external USB connected PC
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 110VA
Dimensions 360mm(W)×475mm(D)×325mm(H)
Weight Approx. 24kg

*Please see the table by scrolling horizontally.

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